Simple steps to create your own website

These days more and more people are interested in growingtheir business on Internet.

If you are planning to design a website, then you mustfollow the following steps:-

1.       Define Objectives of your Website

The most important and first step to createa website is to decide what is the main objective of the website is and How toimplement it.

 Itis important to define this step clearly as website’s focus has a majorinfluence on the whole project as:-

·        Which technology to be used

·        Distribution of Resources

·        Content

All these steps will give a clear picture for the foundation of the site.

2.       Mapping major sections of the website

After deciding the objective of the website,you can map major sections of the website by drawing the layout of the website which shows the hierarchy of the website and also shows how the various sections are related to each other.

3.       Content for Website

Content is important part in website development as content is the information that lives on the website.

It’s the content that makes website effective and easy for the visitors to understand the objective of the website,services of the website.

4.       Website Designing

After defining objective of your website,mapping your website and content the next step is appearance of the website. To create a good-looking website,designers have to focus on many aspects of website designing as a whole.  An appealing website creates your specificbusiness identity which differ you from your competitors.

5.       Website Development

This step includes coding. It involvesassistance of technical experts to develop codes which can help you achievedesired functions and performance levels.

6.       Evaluating Website

Once the website is designed and developed.It should be checked and tested to ensure an error free working. In case youspot some problem areas, they should be rectified then and there.

7.       Maintenance

Maintenance is also an important step whichmakes sure that your site works with efficiency all the time. It also involvesmaintaining backups and site archives.