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Open Sources

Open source Features

  • A simple description of products or services and a few easy forms such as Subscribe, Place an Order, Contact Us, etc is enough.
  • The website is a short-term internet initiative that means one-time proposition, sales, entrance, etc.
  • The project budget is too small.
  • You will need a customized ecommerce solution when;
  • Your store includes product catalogues with many items or categories that need to be updated regularly with descriptions, videos, pictures, etc.
  • You need powerful tools for selling, marketing and customer relationship management.
  • You want to stay close with clients and let them review your products, make comments and share opinions.
  • You have clients in other countries or worldwide and hence, need a multilingual support.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an Ecommerce solution

Look at the given mentioned requirements that are necessary to keep in mind when choosing an Ecommerce solution.

  • Great usability: Choose a system that is user friendly and comes with important ecommerce solutions. Check and ensure the shopping cart would be easy to navigate and the checkout process is secure and simple.
  • Functionality: Consider your business background and needs and ensure the ecommerce solution you are going to choose can meet your needs.
  • Improved catalogs and search: Ensure the ecommerce solution can provide your online store with improved search feature. This is necessary especially if you have a wide product range or many categories and sub categories.
  • Order and transaction history: Order tracking is an important process in ecommerce trading. Past order history enriches customer relationship particularly if you have repeat customers.
  • Analytics and reporting: An online store is expected to have the ability to track traffic, most viewed items, search queries and an automated sale reports.
  • SEO: Be visible to customers is significant for e-store and this is impossible without a SEO optimized site.


This open source application is perfect for blog sites. WordPress has a simple page layout if you don’t customize and also has 3 basic parts – Header, Footer and the Main body where the blog will be hosted. Using navigational system the WordPressautomatically produces new links when new pages are developed.


Are you having a large scale business site? Then Drupal would be easily scalable with a clear plan and knowledge. Drupal will work better in the company in which you need an expertise staff person to take care of the site and its maintenance.


Joomla is unique from other two open source ecommerce solutions with the following benefits;

  • User friendly admin interface
  • Easy file sharing and document management
  • Small costs for development and maintenance
  • Higher security
  • Mobile accessibility
  • SEO and SEM optimized
  • Straightforward to work with respect of tweaking


Magento is the leader in ecommerce solutions with powerful usage and industry distribution. You have to consider the benefits and advantages of Magento from both parts of a seller and a customer. Certain important features for a seller include;

  • Sophisticated shipping support
  • Powerful catalog management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing tools
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Fast and effective search results
  • Filtering products in categories
  • One-page checkout skill
  • Simple product comparison and reviews
  • Extensive shipping options